Staff outing on the beach for everyone

Not everyone who will participate in the staff outing on the beach will be equally sporty. For that reason Summit Sports has included a number of quieter activities in the range. Golf is one of them. Beach golf is a good option for a staff outing, as is discgolf (also called frisbee golf) and footgolf (a combination of football and golf). More than enough possibilities for a programme with quiet activities!

How does it work?

Can you even play golf on the beach during a staff outing? Aren’t the hard golf balls and other beach visitors a dangerous combination? Luckily not. We organise golf on our activity beach, which starts in front of our pavilion. In addition, we do not use real golf balls, but practice balls. These are a bit softer than standard golf balls, and they don’t go as far as normal (on average 1/3 of the normal distance). Apart from the other equipment, we also use slightly larger holes in beach golf. Playing golf on the beach is of course challenging enough in itself…

As standard we play golf on the beach with a 9-hole course during a staff outing. An 18-hole course is also available on request.

For more information about golf, see wiki golf or for technical information go to

Golf a la carte

Beach golf, discgolf or footgolf, whichever variant you choose, it is a very suitable activity for a staff outing on the beach. It is ideal as part of a rotation programme, or with an a la carte programme of a company outing with many guests or a large business family day. An a la carte programme is a programme consisting of various activities. These usually range from the active to the more creative. Then there are several rounds of about 45 to 60 minutes, in which the participants can get acquainted with the activities. They have a free choice in this. This way, everyone experiences their ideal beach day during the staff outing!

More information golf on the beach

Curious about the possibilities to play golf during your company event on the beach? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities and think along with you. Call 088-4249000, or fill in an application– or ‘call me back’- form. We will then contact you as soon as possible.