Business partner event by the sea

Business partner event on the beach

Organising a unique business partner event on the beach can provide more connections with customers, suppliers and partners. By organising a partner event every now and then, partners feel valued, which benefits the customer goodwill. Summit Sports has a wide range of sports activities and creative workshops, and can provide a suitable interpretation for every type of partner event. There are also plenty of options for a customer day with partners and children!

Tips & ideas

The choice of a location is very important for organising a relationship day or customer day. Accessibility, both by public transport and by car, plays a major role, as does (free) parking. In addition, it is important that exclusive areas are available. When it comes to an outing with clients, an activity programme is a nice addition. And if partners and children are also welcome on the business partner event, keep in mind that a fun programme is also provided for them. A separate programme for the children is often a good solution to ensure that everyone has a fun day. By creating a ‘free-choice’ programme, the partners can choose which activities they want to do, which is very suitable for large and diverse groups!

The beach as a location

The beach naturally creates a casual and relaxed atmosphere. During a business partner event, it is often the case that the invitees do not yet know each other (well), and the beach has a positive effect on making contacts. In addition, it is a neutral location, and one that is also very suitable for doing activities and consuming catering arrangements.

More information business partner event by the sea

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