Staff outing by the sea

Staff outing on the beach

If you are going to plan a staff outing, there is a lot involved. Is it a large group, or is the group a bit smaller? At the time of the application, it is often not yet certain who will join the outing. Is the approach of the staff day more sporty or creative? Is everyone from the area, or does accommodation need to be provided? Summit Sports is happy to help you put together a complete staff event by the sea. We can make a tailor-made proposal for you!


If the staff outing is all about collaboration, there are plenty of opportunities at Summit. A unique team sport, such as Bubble Soccer, will certainly add to the feeling of collaboration. In a large, inflated ball, the participants run across the field, trying to get the football into the goal of the opponents. By working together and communicating, the game can be won!

Active staff outing by the sea

There are various options for a staff outing on the beach. Regardless of the type of staff outing, an activity programme is always a good addition to the day. People get to know each other in a different way, and outside air and exercise are good for body and mind! This certainly applies if the activity programme is part of a meeting day.

Blokarting is an essential part of an active staff event. This spectacular activity is suitable for all ages and regardless of fitness level.

A more challenging activity is powerkiting. By the force of the wind, which comes into the kite, you can bring the powerkite into the power zone. It may even happen that you get dragged along the beach a bit! 

More information staff outing by the sea

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