Very suitable as a festive reception or as the perfect end to an active day at the beach: a drink! Wonderful to relax and talk about the activities while enjoying a snack and a drink, possibly followed by a delicious dinner.



Assortment of nuts

€7,50 per portion | Min. 10 people

  • Luxury savory bites, nuts and olives
  • Placed on the table

Mixed snacks

€1,00 p.pc. | Min. 10 people

  • Dutch ‘bitterballen’
  • Cheese sticks
  • Mini ‘frikandellen’ (meat rolls)
  • Vegetarian spring rolls


€1,75 p.pc. | Min. 10 people

  • Meatballs in sweet-spicy chili sauce
  • Wrap with salmon & cream cheese
  • Mozzarella tomato skewers
  • Thai yakitori skewers
  • Gambas in a potato nest