Blokarting, blowkarting or sand yachting…?

Many people think that the correct way of writing is ‘blowkarting’ with a ‘w’. Blowing of the wind in combination with karting. However, the sport’s official name is without w, so blokarting. This is derived from the name of the Blokart manufacturer in New Zealand.

Blokarting is the modern form of sand yachting or rather land sailing. This modern version is very mobile. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and fits in the trunk of a car.

Sand yachting is also a term we often come across to describe blokarting. However, it is good to know that not every beach sailor is a blokart. This does apply the other way around, but beach sailors also include carts that are made of other materials and can therefore offer less quality and safety than the blokart. The use of the name ‘blokart’ is therefore only possible if the materials come from the official blokart manufacturer.

Blokart Race Edition®

In 2018, Summit Sports, originally the first and largest provider of blokarting in Europe, introduced the brand new Blokart Race Edition®. This too has been developed and designed by the official New Zealand supplier. This edition of the blokart takes blokarting to a higher level. The cart is equipped with a racing cockpit, ultra soft racing tyres and a speedometer, complete in Formula 1 style. In addition, the Blokart Race Edition® is even more aerodynamic, safer and more spectacular than the earlier variant of the blokart.