Blokarting with colleagues! One of our previous departmental events was also filled with blokarting. It was now a choice from 5 other events. After a round of voting, most of the votes went to blokarting. We had a perfect day: lots of sun, a single cloud and enough wind. After the short introduction, the real blokarting could begin. It was wonderful blokarting over the beautiful beach of Wijk aan Zee, without sun worshipers obstructing the way. Especially the holes filled with water were a nice attraction. The only downside to this activity is that you cannot go on indefinitely. Unfortunately, after 2 hours of great fun, it was over for us. We then rounded off the great afternoon with a well-cared-for tasty barbecue and then returned home with a satisfied feeling! One of the better company events so far…

It was a very nice day! Unfortunately, the weather was not very nice, but we kept it fairly dry. We started with an hour of Lacrosse and then an hour of Softball, which was fun (and tough); had a lot of muscle pain the next day! Powerkiting unfortunately was canceled due to too little wind. But luckily one group could play golf and the other group could use the Nintendo Wii, which was also very funny! The BBQ was also very tasty, so we enjoyed it!



It was a very nice day! Unfortunately, the weather was not very nice, but we kept it fairly dry. We started with an hour of Lacrosse and then an hour of Softball, which was fun (and tough); had a lot of muscle pain the next day! Powerkiting unfortunately was canceled due to too little wind. But luckily one group could play golf and the other group could use the Nintendo Wii, which was also very funny! The BBQ was also very tasty, so we enjoyed it!

2x now we have organised a team event with Summit Sports and both times it was very good and we received positive reactions only. The communication is always good, they have a flexible attitude. As an organiser, I rarely attend the events, but I have received very positive feedback both times.



After a slightly late arrival (traffic jam, traffic jam and another traffic jam) everyone was happy that we still got there. We divided the people who went blokarting into 2 groups. The 1st group went directly to the sailing carts, where after some explanation the party could start. The location of the SunSeaBar was phenomenal. For the people who did not participate or had to wait, partly due to the wonderful weather, it was nice to lounge on the terrace, which was wonderfully relaxing. We also had a good view of the antics of the blokarters. The blokart event was experienced as more than successful. Wonderful to do something other than work with your colleagues. After everyone had finished blokarting, we could eat. We had ordered tapas del mundo which was served buffet style. So you could choose for yourself: inside, outside, whatever you wanted. The food was truly exquisite. Excellent service, by the way. You were asked right on time if you wanted to drink something. All in all, a GREAT afternoon / evening. Compliments to everyone responsible for organising this. We all look back on a very successful event.

We have had many positive reactions on the company event from both young and older colleagues. We had amazing weather, we laughed a lot and then had a delicious meal. The guidance was good and the blokarting hilarious  We had reserved 2 hours and that was a bit long. Perhaps a good tip to set out a different course or do other exercises within the 2 hours. After the Blokarting, we had a really nice BBQ and a drink. In my opinion, the service of the drinks was understaffed. Blokarting was very successful for me and my colleagues.



Incredibly fun activities, had a lot of fun together, good guidance. We look back on this afternoon with great pleasure.

We opted for a combination of Blokarting and X-steps. Unfortunately, there was too little wind force for the blokarting, as an alternative we had opted for beach softball, but Summit Sports gave us the choice (there) for powerkiting, which the men found (because they were mainly) a lot more attractive. The weather was fantastic and then Wijk aan Zee is of course very good. In conclusion, we had a BBQ where vegetarians can also eat well. We look back on this afternoon / evening with great pleasure. Recommended!



First of all: we had beautiful weather, which of course contributed enormously to the success of this team event. But in addition, the reception, the food and drinks and the guidance during the activities were also excellent!

It was a bit of a shame that the wind came from the west, so that the blokarting had to be done right on the beach and that was not easy for most, but the fun was certainly not less.

It was a wonderful and pleasant day. Fun activities and very good, fun guidance. We did blokarting, skyting and had some delicious food. Luckily, we had a beautiful sunny day. Really enjoyed it. Recommended for a team event!



On Tuesday 3 June, we organised our teambuilding day at Summit Sports. A number of colleagues had already had an outing at Summit Sports before and that was very good! This time we also had a wonderful afternoon. Fortunately, the weather improved reasonably well in the afternoon, the sun even came through! After a pleasant reception, we were lucky enough to just be able to blokart (concerning the wind force), and the wind even increased later on. A very nice experience to do, and we laughed a lot. After a short break, with some drinks, we started playing the “beach Lacrosse” game, where eventually (almost…) everyone became very fanatic. After this we sat on the cosy terrace, had a drink and barbequed. The food was delicious, especially the fresh salads I personally liked very much. The Summit Sports staff were very friendly and helpful and provided good explanations for both sports. They were also very helpful and patient when booking… The SunSeaBar staff were also very friendly. Partly because of this it was a very successful teambuilding afternoon; sporty, relaxed and fun. The only (small) downside I found was the amount of food. I had booked for 20 people, in the end there were 15 participants/eaters, and really everything (the meat) was gone at some point. Perhaps the quantity of this could be a bit larger. So in conclusion a well organised fantastic afternoon and an absolute must! Thanks!

A very attractive location with a management, sports and catering team that is enthusiastic, professional, extremely friendly and service-oriented. They created just the right atmosphere for our summer event. Highly recommended!



Bad weather all week without wind, but on the day itself, blue sky, sun and good wind. It takes some getting used to in the beginning to let the kart race well in the wind, but once you get the hang of it, you don’t want to get out of the kart. Sufficient and good guidance on the course. Drinks and BBQ were tasty and well cared for and the location is superb. A perfect activity to do with a group. We had a great day.

After having compared a number of locations for our quarterly meeting, we finally opted for the SunsSeaBar in Wijk aan Zee. The sports activities on this day were provided and supervised by Summit Sports. The entire preliminary process was already handled very professionally. The offer was clear and everything was discussed in detail. A plan B was already ready in case the weather would be bad that day. On October 14, however, the weather was beautiful. The SunSeaBar and Summit Sports teams had arranged everything perfectly. The service was friendly, the food and drinks well taken care of, the activity supervisors were enthusiastic and had everything under control. As the organising committee, we have received countless of compliments from colleagues for this day. In short: a very successful event to look back on with great pleasure!



If your customers have to come from the Utrecht region, Wijk aan Zee would not be the most obvious choice. At least, that’s how I thought about it. Once at Summit Sports on the beach, I was quickly convinced that this was the right event for us. Customer reactions have been extremely positive!

For many of our group, both parts were new. Kite flying with large kites is spectacular and a nice introduction to this sport. Playing around on the beach in two teams against each other is good for the group process. Of course the weather was not great and I can imagine that in the period May-September it is even more fun. We now had a short programme of about 2.5 hours and the next time I would rather think of a full day part.



It was great fun, we also had great weather this day. It was a pity that there was not enough wind, which resulted in the blokarting being canceled. Now we were going to do Beach golf and Radar golf. We also did Beach lacrosse. It was all very pleasant and fun in a non-committal way. After that a BBQ, and the day was complete!

The weather was perfect for the programme, 15 degrees, sun and enough wind: We went skyting + painting (Sea Art) + blokarting. We started with homemade apple pie + coffee / tea = Perfect. The programme was fun, the guidance was top notch, the lunch perfect, everyone enjoyed it. The ladies (3) thought the blokarting was a bit scary as there was a lot of wind, but enjoyed watching. For dinner we had barbeque Superior = Perfect, couldn’t be better.



Together with Summit Sports, we have succeeded in giving our colleagues a very nice sports day in a fun way with various sports activities and mind games.

The welcome by Summit was great. We thought about alternative programmes and we were served a better lunch than agreed! Blokarting is great, the Summit team did its best to make it a success with the limited wind. The Beach Lacrosse is completely cool 🙂 Excellent location to spend a sunny sporty day with a group of friends or colleagues. Good parking and not too far to walk 🙂



On August 10, we went blokarting and powerkiting with 6 people, organised by Summit Sports. It turned out to be a perfect day for our activities: dry sunny weather and luckily enough wind. Everyone could race in their own blokart on the wide beach of Wijk aan Zee. After a brief explanation of how the blokart works, we initially started to drive carefully. Fortunately, we quickly mastered the technique, so that we could quickly steer as tightly as possible through the curves with tight sails, and make as much speed as possible. After blokarting, we tried out Powerskyting. It turned out that an apparently not so big kite still had a lot of pulling power, so that we were sometimes pulled over the beach. Very nice to give this a try! It was a very successful day, with good relaxed guidance at a beautiful location! Highly recommended.