Bad weather programme

Alternative programme

When planning an event, we always take two programmes into account at no extra cost. After all, our events are dependent on the weather. This therefore concerns the programme that has been chosen, and secondly, the programme as an alternative in bad weather. This can be too little or too much wind, extreme heat or storm / thunderstorms.

Since an alternative programme is taken into account from the beginning, there will be no unnecessary stress about this in the run-up to the event. We avoid having to come up with an alternative at the last minute. Either way, it will be a fantastic experience on the beach!

Weather conditions will be assessed by the event manager approximately 2.5 hours prior to the event. At that moment, it is also decided whether it is necessary to switch to the alternative programme, or whether the original programme can continue. There is then enough time to prepare the selected programme.

More information (alternative) programme

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